A11y Lightning Group

A monthly meet-up for digital accessibility professionals

Accessibility Lightning Group, Presented by Tamman, Inc.

The A11y Lightning Group, presented by Tamman, is a space for professionals in the digital accessibility space to share ideas, information, projects, information, & network. This is not a meetup for people looking to learn more about digital accessibility. This is a fully participatory group where everyone shares their opinions and expertise. If you are new to accessibility, you are welcome to come, but you may also want to check out our friends and colleagues at A11Y PHL as a great place to start.

3 formats are used to share knowledge

Lightning Talks

  • Lightning talks are 5-minute(ish) “rapid-fire” presentation on an accessibility topic of your choosing
  • Slides are encouraged, but not required (we’re all busy, so informal is fine!)

Everyone Presents

  • Networking & opinions abound!
  • If we have no presenters ahead of time, we switch to format 2 – a fully participatory Q&A on all things A11y! – Everyone becomes a presenter!

Featured Speakers

  • Occasionally, topics or speakers demand more time to delve into and we love that
  • We devote most of the hour to one person, but always with a robust chat and lots of questions to be answered!

Other Important Stuff

  • Be kind. Don’t be mean. To speakers and to each other. This is a safe place of learning and growth where respect is paramount
  • We love to know ahead of time, but anyone can sign up to talk on the night of the event – we always try to leave space for more
  • Please note that these sessions will be recorded
  • Closed captioning and live transcription provided by Otter.ai

Our Next Meet-up

Our next meet-up will be Thursday, March 3, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. ET. Registration is required to receive a link to our online meeting platform.


  • Speakers who are long-winded will get cut off after a notification…we’re actually quite nice about it
  • Slides and screenshots are welcome, but not necessary
  • If you are sharing a project from your employer or client, be mindful and don’t share anything confidential. The event is recorded and available
  • Plan to stick around – the chat usually continues the conversation


  • Please plan to participate and share. We are a very active meetup in the chat
  • Bring an open heart and an open mind – this is a space of learning and growth for all of us
  • The topic is serious, but we often get silly
  • Can’t make it right on time? No problem, we’re casual. Join when you can.

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