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It just makes sense to do the right thing.

Lock-up of The Sierra Group and Tamman, Inc. logos stacked vertically with '360-degrees of Inclusion in the middle and two arcs ending in points but not connected surrounding the logos.

Embracing inclusion is liberating. The Sierra-Tamman 360-Degrees of Inclusion collaboration will help with your company’s inclusive employment, professional development and digital information goals.

Inclusive practices proactively accommodate physical and informational needs that are required for some, but benefit all. Through extensive relationship-based consultative practices, The Sierra Group and Tamman are here to provide insights and solutions for your business that will ensure compliance and success. It just makes sense to do the right thing.

We are the one-stop shop for your Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, and Technology needs. From technical demonstrations, and assessments, to full-service consultation and remediation, our approach to inclusion will guide you to meet both the letter of the Americans with Disabilities Act as law, as well as the spirit of inclusivity for all employees. 

To achieve 360° inclusion, contact us today!

Don’t see what you need?  Feel free to reach out directly to us to develop a plan that is customized to exactly what you need. 

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Accessibility Group Monthly Meetup

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Are you a professional in the accessibility space looking to share your ideas, project outcomes, network, and test out a presentation concept? Join in on our monthly accessibility (a11y) lightning group meetup and consider giving a 5-minute(ish) “rapid-fire” presentation on an accessibility topic of your choosing.

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