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Un/Ravel: Stories that tie us together

May 19, 2022 @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm EDT

An event collaboration between Tamman and Indy Hall to help create a more empathetic community through storytelling and understanding.

Join Tamman and Indy Hall for a collaborative event series to bring together diverse individuals, mindsets, experiences, and opinions in an effort to create a more empathetic and connective community. We’ll explore topics around inclusion, health, work, and the ways in which we are different and alike.

By understanding how our fellow humans experience life, our hope is that we can help create spaces in our professional and personal lives which are more equitable, accessible, and honest.

In our first iteration of Un/Ravel, we’re exploring stories and experiences around Dignity.

We brought together three speakers with unique backgrounds to share their perspectives on dignity. You’ll hear those pre-recorded stories and, as a group, we’ll react and have a thoughtful dialogue in reaction to their stories and, hopefully, each have a chance to share some of our own experiences around dignity.

See below for our incredible line-up of speakers:

  • Alexandra Hunt a public health researcher, a girls’ soccer coach, an advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and an organizer fighting for the 3rd district of Pennsylvania. She is a daughter of two teachers and a sister to a twin brother. Alexandra’s twin brother grew up with a learning disability. Seeing the systemic obstacles her brother faced inspired Alexandra to become an advocate and challenge barriers on the basis of race, gender, class, and ability.
  • Shannon DeVido is a BAFTA Breakthrough actress and comedian. She is best known for her work on TV in Bridesman, Difficult People, Insatiable, Delco Proper, Manifest, and Law & Order: SVU. She is also the lead in the SXSW Award winning film, Best Summer Ever. Her YouTube channel, Stare at Shannon, has amassed over 1 million views and is focused on dismantling the societal stereotypes of people with disabilities.
  • Terrill Haigler (Ya Fav Trashman) Less than three months after accepting a position as laborer for the Philadelphia Sanitation Department, Terrill Haigler became and essential worker. To bridge the gap between residents and sanitation workers, he created the Instagram page @_yafavtrashman to give residents an inside look as to what sanitation workers experience during the pandemic. When Terrill noticed that his co-workers didn’t have the proper PPE to execute their jobs safely, he decided to stand in the gap and start a fundraiser to purchase PPE, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Now a community organizer and activist, Terrill spends his time organizing neighborhood cleanups and running his nonprofit Trash 2 Treasure Inc.