American Cancer Society Bike-a-thon 2022 Recap

Team WMMR Banner for the 2022 ACS Bike-a-thon

Almost all of us have been touched by the scourge of cancer in one way or another. Because this disease in all of its forms hits so close to home, Tamman has supported the American Cancer Society for several years. But on Sunday, June 12, 2022, we took our support and participation to a whole new level. We joined hundreds of riders in thunder, lightning, and pouring rain for the 50th Annual American Cancer Society Bridge to the Beach Bike-a-thon This ride runs 67 miles from the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia to Bader Field in Atlantic City. 

So far, the event has raised a total of $1,104,244 (fundraising continues until August). Tamman was a sponsor and part of the largest group in the event, Team WMMR. As a team, we had a fundraising goal of $75,000 and like the riders who passed me on the route, we have flown past that, raising $111,764 to date. 

CEO Jeff Tamburino said, “It was pouring and 59 degrees for the first 40 miles. This was the hardest physical thing I have ever done. It wasn’t the distance or the miles, but the rain and the cold. It was so cold. It ended up being a great day, and overcoming the challenges made it even sweeter.” 

“I was in pain. My knee hurt so much by the end, and the rain throughout was totally unexpected. But temporary discomfort and dealing with the unexpected is nothing compared to people who are fighting cancer” said Marty Molloy, Tamman’s President, “and that provided a motivation like no other.”  

Tamman had a total of 6 riders as a part of the ride, all finishing and all raising money for this important cause. One of our riders even rode with broken ribs! Now that’s commitment to the cause. This year is only the beginning. It is our intention to make this an annual Tamman tradition from now on and we hope others will join us as we continue to impact and raise money for the research and fight against cancer.

Two Team WMMR riders pose for a photograph at the end of the Bike-a-thon sporting armbands in support of breast cancer.
Several members of the Tamman family pose by the Team WMMR tent during the Bike-a-thon.
Tamman CEO Jeff Tamburino and Tamman President Marty Molloy pose with Jeff and James in Philadelphia before the Bike-a-thon took off.
Tamman CEO Jeff Tamburino poses with  Marcus Goldman of WMMR and his family after the Bike-a-thon.

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