The Sierra-Tamman 360° Collaborative Accelerates Necessary Change

Embracing inclusion is liberating. Inclusive practices proactively accommodate physical and informational tools and resources that are required for some but benefit all. The Sierra/Tamman 360-Degrees of Inclusion is here to help with your company’s employment and digital information goals. It just makes sense to do the right thing.

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Embracing inclusion is liberating. Inclusive practices proactively accommodate physical and informational tools and resources that are required for some, because of a disability, but benefit all. Through extensive relationship-based consultative practices, The Sierra Group and Tamman are here to provide insights and solutions for your business that will ensure compliance and success. The Sierra-Tamman 360° of Inclusion will help with your company’s inclusive employment, professional development and digital information goals. It just makes great business sense to do the right thing.

Why a joint venture?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is one of the most important pieces of civil rights legislation in the history of our country. Signed into law in 1990, it has quite literally touched all our lives by transforming the landscapes around us to create inclusive spaces inside and outside. This is all for the good and deserves to be celebrated. However, the work is far from over. Employment of people with disabilities has not undergone the same radical shifts that we’ve seen in the physical spaces around us. As we move deeper into an information-driven world, this pre-internet legislation has not adequately dealt with the obstacles for those living with use constraints – no matter if they are applicants applying online, employees using inaccessible tools and software or consumers trying to connect to important information.

This joint venture was born from the understanding that dealing with only one area of a business or one department is not going to adequately accelerate the change that we all need now. Together, The Sierra Group and Tamman can affect the multiple dependent departments at the same time. We are the one-stop shop for your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, HR, Recruitment, Legal, Marketing, and Technology needs. No other venture offers this one of a kind 360-degree comprehensive approach for your team’s accessibility needs.

From technical demonstrations and assessments, to full-service consultation and remediation, our approach to inclusion will guide you and your team to meet the employment provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, both as the law and the spirit of inclusivity for all employees.

It just makes great business sense to do the right thing.

Combining the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), this joint venture can assess, train, remediate, recommend, and consult on the range of issues facing your businesses, returning the highest value to your stakeholders and customers.

wheelchair user working at a desk in a modern office setting
Confident architect in a wheelchair, working in a modern office setting.


Building from their successes and individual expertise, the Sierra-Tamman 360° of Inclusion will support the following services with medium to enterprise-level clients:

  • Customized Technical Demonstrations
  • Guided Consultation Across Departments
  • 360° Comprehensive Assessments
  • Webinars / Virtual Education
  • On-Site Coaching/Education
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Organizational Management support for Employees with disabilities

Sierra Defined

The Sierra Group, Inc. and The Sierra Group Foundation is led by national expert Janet D. Fiore. Sierra focuses on consulting and training Fortune 1000 companies in the best practices and necessary accommodations they need to recruit, hire, and retain individuals with disabilities. Through their certification courses, on-premises coaching, virtual webinars, and more, Sierra has provided guidance to HR, Talent Acquisition, facilities, and legal teams so that people with disabilities are more likely to be hired and can work independently to thrive in their positions with high rates for retention. The Sierra Group is transforming the workplace for all by improving the quality of workspaces for the large number of unemployed Americans with disabilities who need it most. This is fulfilling the employment promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tamman Defined

Tamman believes that information is a human right. As a leader in consulting, designing and developing custom business applications and websites that are digitally accessible, their work is to ensure that information does not come with barriers for individuals with disabilities. Tamman’s consulting and educational workshops are designed to scale up a company’s internal institutional knowledge to move from reactive remediation to proactive inclusive design thinking.

The partnership between Tamman and Sierra Group will give your company the foundation of technological remediation, inclusive design, and training to tackle the legally mandated, logistically necessary digital accessibility needs of prospective clients.

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