Sierra-Tamman 360 Collaborative hosts the U.S. Access Board

A poster showing people with disabilities protesting, with the following quote underneath. "Don't change us, change our obstacles."

On September 14th 2022, Tamman Inc. and The Sierra Group had the opportunity to host The United States Access Board at our offices on Market Street as a part of our 360 Degrees of Inclusion Collaborative. Members of Tamman, The Sierra Group, the Access Board, and the general public gathered for informative sessions on digital and physical accessibility, spanning accommodations, architecture, and inclusive design. Here are some highlights from throughout the day.

A group of people attend a class on document accessibility. There is a presentation shown on two screens  as an ASL interpreter translates for the instructor.
Members of Tamman, The Sierra Group, and the public attend a great session on document accessibility.
A diverse group of attendees sit around tables enjoying a quick meal before the next session begins.
After class, everyone breaks for a meal before the breakout sessions begin.
Tamman's Cameron Messinides stands at a desk with a laptop and a monitor to display how bad headings can impact screen reader users.
Tamman’s Cameron Messinides delivers a live demonstration on how improperly formatted heading tags can severely impact the comprehension of a web page for screen reader users.
Mike Mangos delivers a demonstration of common web accessibility issues at a desk with a monitor as two onlookers listen.
Tamman Co-Founder and Solutions Architect Mike Mangos delivers a demonstration of common web accessibility issues.
Seth Acosta from The Sierra Group stands near a table featuring many assistive devices, such as joy sticks, switches, high visibility keyboards and more.
Seth Acosta from The Sierra Group greets guests with a session on Assistive Technology.
Crowds gather around the demonstration desks, eager to learn more about digital accessibility.
Cameron and Mike kept busy as more and more onlookers came to see their demonstrations.

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