Tamman @ Alteryx Inspire 2022 Recap

Atrium at the 2022 Alteryx Inspire conference, featuring two attendees and a large bear statue.

After a few years away from in-person learning opportunities, we have been thrilled to get our team back out there! In mid-May, Tamman Data Analyst, Emma Barker flew out to Denver to attend Alteryx Inspire 2022. Inspire is Alteryx’s user conference, bringing data experts and innovators in the analytics industry together to learn, share, and explore! The packed schedule featured helpful trainings, technical sessions, and keynote speakers

Before we jump into recapping a few of the sessions that really impacted our team we wanted to share some of our high-level takeaways:

  • The Alteryx Inspire conference had one of the best gender distributions of any tech/science conference attended by our team! (We hope to see more of this!!)
  • Alteryx is SO flexible – it can do so much more than what our team has currently been using it for, including time series, clustering, and text mining (more on this below).
  • The courses at this year’s conference were well planned and the instructors were very engaging!

Now onto a few of the sessions that Emma attended and what she brought back to share with our team.

Fuzzy Matching

  • The Alteryx Fuzzy Matching tool has built in non-exact matching with cascading levels of certainty
  • Key matching removes any exact matches, and fuzzy matching is only done on non-exact matches to decrease the work that needs to be done
  • You can choose different matching functions depending on what kind of matching you care about – or use “best of” which tries all available options and gives you the most lenient match from any of the tests

Text Mining

  • Alteryx can analyze unstructured text and sort data into topic groups
  • Human interpretation is needed to name the topic groups
  • Sentiment analysis looks at the words themselves, the use of caps lock and/or emphatic punctuation, and the presence of nearby words that would change the polarity of the sentiment (not, but, and so on)

These are just a few of the sessions that really stood out, but the Cluster Analysis, See the Future: Time Series Modeling, and Build Your First Iterative Macro courses also made a lasting impact. While the conference was thoroughly enjoyed by our team, in the future, we would love to see a talk on Accessibility and Alteryx. All-in-all Alteryx Inspire 2022 was an insightful and engaging conference that we look forward to attending again in the future! 

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