Tamman @ M-Enabling 2022 – What we’re looking forward to.

Banner for the 2022 M-Enabling Conference

Tamman is once again heading in person to the M-Enabling Summit, held October 24- 26 in Arlington, VA. In its 10th anniversary year of the conference, the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information Communication Technologies (G3ict) has established the theme for this year’s conference: Digital Inclusion: Strategies for Equal Opportunities. 

There are several speakers and exhibitors that I am excited to hear from and meet with, three people that generate the most excitement for me this coming week though; Judy Brewer, Sachin Dev Pavithran, and Allyant

When I first started at Tamman, and as I was just learning and growing in the accessibility field, I had the distinct honor to hear Ms. Brewer speak at an A11y Meetup in Princeton, NJ. Her talk had some technical aspects that at the time were a little above this technology muggle’s head, but she layered it with real-world and personal examples of frustration that it left me motivated to become a part of the fight for accessibility. 

Ms. Brewer is going to be discussing “Next Steps for Digital Accessibility Policies and Standards” and joining her on stage will be Sachin Dev Pavithran, Executive Director of the U.S. Access Board. Especially after our successful hosting of their recent Board meeting in Philadelphia, I’m anxious to hear what they prioritize.  

Allyant is a new name for an old partner of Tamman’s. Merging T-base, CommonLook, and Accessible 360 into one entity is very exciting. Tamman has partnered with CommonLook for many years, working together to ensure that digital documents are accessible. I’m super psyched to spend some time with them and learn more about their new services post-merger. 

On Wednesday, the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) will host a thought leadership forum on strategies to scale up digital accessibility implementation. That should have a ton of takeaways to bring back to the team and add our voices to the push for more digital accessibility in workplaces.  

If you’ll be attending the M-Enabling Summit, we hope to see you in one of these sessions or around Arlington!

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