Tamman Tales #2: Winter Holiday Edition

Red mittens holding a heart-shaped snowball on a snowy day.

Welcome to Tamman Tales Issue #2! This will cover much of our holiday season community including decorations, crafts, food, gifts, and more! Consider it a last course of holiday cheer as we speed on through 2023. If you check out any of the links here, be sure to tell us on social media!

We’re pretty crafty

We had spectacular craft submissions from multiple members of our team. Two of our rising stars on the crafting scene were Samantha and Emma. These crafting titans created homemade gifts and decorations left and right. 

Here are some of Samantha’s highlights:

3 different angles of hand-carved wooden flowers.
Real flowers or wooden flowers? You tell us.
The continents of the world made up of hundreds of peas.
The bidding for “Peas on Earth” will start at five golden rings and three french hens.
A variety of names, sarcastic phrases and winter decals on mugs and winter decorations.
If misery loves company, sarcasm loves coffee.
A hand-made holiday card holder made up of wine corks around a golden hoop.
Such a festive and resourceful way to hang holiday cards!

Emma’s crafting highlights:

A hand-made black backpack with a multi-colored inside with the phrase "You Are Awesome!" stitched inside.
Keep your friends close, and your high-quality, handmade backpacks closer.
A hand-made multi-colored pencil case, with multiple pens inside.
Well, this is just going to make everyone else jealous.
Custom printed black circular stickers with white decals of a cactus, the Liberty Bell, palm trees, a candle, a cowboy boot, a diamond and 2022.
Remember this, it’s the start of the new sticker trend.

Bridgette’s gummy bear keychains:

Four multi-colored resin gummy bears, each attached to a keychain.
You can’t chew Bridgette’s gummy bears, but they are still pretty sweet.

Hunter’s sock wall: This is the excellent craftsmanship of Hunter, who gifts a pair of socks every day of December leading up to Christmas. So thoughtful!

A large sheet with 25 red sock pouches, numbered 1-25 with a red mitten on them. At the top it says "Merry Christmas" in gold writing.
Giving socks is so generous and in the holiday spirit!

Favorite holiday foods

Star-shaped cookies with rosemary in the white icing.
Amy put a new spin on holiday cookies with fresh rosemary in the icing on the cookie.
A circular pile of gingerbread cookies is stacked around a white plate.
Correctly doubling down on cookies, Amy made some classic gingerbread people.
A package containing different coffees for the 13th to 24th days of December.
Jose coming in hot (or iced!) with 24 days of coffee.

What we’re listening to this month

Jingle Bells by Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters from Emma

Elf’s Lament by Barenaked Ladies from Bill

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by NSYNC from Jeneane

Oh Hannukkah by Jack Black from Harper

I Wish it was Christmas Today by SNL Cast from Liza

I Don’t Know What Christmas Is by the Guardians of the Galaxy from Samantha

Who says a joke gift isn’t great?

A pile of gifts covered in red and white wrapping paper. On top of the gifts are white ribbons and multi-colored bows.
This is the lovely gift set up Theresa got for her family, who said they wanted “nothing” for the holidays.
Empty jars, boxes, and tins. On each of them is a label saying "The Container of Nothing".
Now that’s clever!

Our lovely home decorations

Wally casually carries a mini Christmas tree in his apartment. Around him are red and white lights.
Wally is in the holiday spirit!
A very festive family holiday setting with stockings, a Christmas tree, family heirlooms, and a fireplace.
A very merry holiday setup.
Close up of tree ornaments including an old film canister, Wonder Woman, and a Spider-Man mask.
Some wonderful holiday ornaments.

A quote we’re pondering

“To say goodbye, is to die a little. To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy winter.” by Nabil Toussi

An inspiring image we’re enjoying

A poster of "The First 4 Words You See Will Be Your Mantra for 2023". Beneath it is a word search of inspiring words.

Some of the ones we found were “Change, love, creation, and alignment”, “Breakthrough, purpose, miracles, and heal”, and “Connection, change, man, and strength.”

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