Tamman @ the 2022 Technology Learning Collaborative

Exterior of a Temple University building, with their flag flying.

On Thursday, October 6th, 2022 the annual Technology Learning Collaborative (TLC) conference was held at Temple University. This year’s conference was titled, “This is Our Moment: Moving the Needle on Digital Equity.”

A man gives a presentation to a large room on a projector. There are many tables, some with food on them. The hosts sit behind a table and listen intently.
Tamman’s own Jeff Wiesner the stage.
Jeff stands behind a podium and delivers a slide that describes his role as a Product Owner at Tamman.
Jeff talks about his role at Tamman.

Timed to coincide with National Digital Inclusion Week, the conference featured speakers, breakout sessions, and lots of great networking. 
Tamman was thrilled to not only attend, but have our very own, Jeff Wiesner, Sr. Product Owner at Tamman give a presentation on inclusive design and development. Jeff wove humor and insight throughout his presentation, so that audience members with any level of technical background: from novice to advanced could take something away. He shared the stage with representatives from Temple Tech Owls and Networks for Training and Development who reinforced the need for digital accessibility with real world personal examples.

Jeff stands behind a podium and delivers a slide that features a Venn Diagram that focuses on the difference between inclusive and accessible design.
Jeff delivers a slide that highlights the difference between inclusive design, and accessible design.
Jeff, still standing behind the podium, brings up a slide on ways to talk about accessibility as he begins taking questions from the audience.
Jeff launches into a lively Q&A Session.

The Q&A portion of the panel presentation was quite lively and reflective for the audience. This is always a sign of an engaged group who was ready to dive more into our need for greater awareness around inclusive design and the importance of creating a web where access to information is a given. 

Jeff stands off to the side and listens to one of the event organizers speak.
Jeff listens to one of the event organizers speak.

Tamman could not be more proud to participate in the thought leadership around digital inclusion and equity. Thank you to TLC for hosting and all the sponsors for providing a platform for discussion, engagement, and thought leadership. We cannot wait to participate again next year.  

If you would like to engage Tamman in a discussion of digital accessibility or to request a training workshop from one of our talented staff, please contact Marty Molloy at 203.296.3181 or

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