MacAdmins 2023: Tobias Morrison speaks on his journey from Doing to Delegating

Tobias Morrison speaks on his experience as a Senior Mac Enterprise Engineer Lead at MacAdmins 2023 Conference. He is dressed in a blue button-down shirt, navy slacks and is holding a completed Rubix cube.
From Engineer to Manager: The Journey From Doing to Delegating – Tobias Morrison

Tamman’s Sr. Mac Enterprise Engineer Lead, Tobias Morrison, speaks at the MacAdmins 2023 Conference on his journey from becoming an expert Mac engineer to managing a team of expert Mac engineers.

If you want some additional background info on Tobias’ journey, check out this mini-pod episode of the Article 19 podcast, where Tobias was a guest and shared his story, motivations, and process.

Be sure to go through MacAdmin’s website and source video.

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