What is Mac Enterprise Engineering (MEE) @ Tamman?

A woman opens a box containing an Apple MacBook Air.

Here at Tamman, our team has a wide range of skill sets that span the digital landscape. Usually the conversation revolves around digitally accessible software development, as well as digital design – but today I’d like to shine the spotlight on our Mac Enterprise Engineering team. You might wonder what exactly we mean when we say Mac Enterprise Engineering, and if your guess was somewhere in the ballpark of Apple computers you would be correct! That being said – this highly specialized group of engineers and subject matter experts covers a wide variety of roles.

Client Support

First up are our frontline support technicians. Embedded directly with our clients – these force multipliers work to provide personalized support to our customers’ Mac platform users. These subject matter experts are renowned for their quick response times and prompt incident resolution. Be it a hardware failure or software update gone awry – the MEE support team will have you back up and running in no time.

Device Management

A fleet of MacBooks represents a significant investment – and significant investments often come with significant challenges. Challenges such as configuration management, inventory tracking, and maintaining security and compliance – historically haven’t been easy when it comes to Macs, but they do come easily to us. Our engineers know macOS thoroughly and can tailor the OS itself to meet the needs of our customers. They are also extremely well versed in modern Mobile Device Management (MDM) suites and security platforms making device management simple and intuitive. 

Software Packaging and Deployment

Mac computers have long been a favorite of do-ers, makers, and creatives from just about every industry out there, not just because they like the hardware – but the variety of software available to them. That being said – the enterprise and the individual have very different security requirements. Our engineers are well versed in custom software packaging as well as various methods for deploying apps safely and securely in any environment.

Infrastructure Administration and Engineering

We’ve touched on a lot of different infrastructure components like MDMs, software deployment engines, and security suites – the pieces that make a Mac platform run. These days, solutions like these often live in the cloud, but the cloud isn’t always an option for every business. That’s why our Mac team has extensive knowledge of Linux and Windows Server environments for on-premises infrastructure deployments. This can range from back-up systems, storage infrastructure, and disaster recovery solutions to software licensing servers, custom application servers, and more.

The Bottom Line

Macs present unique opportunities in the enterprise sector. With those opportunities come unique challenges. Those challenges come with any new product, but that’s no reason to lose out on an excellent work experience. When you’re investing in a top level product, you want top level insurance to protect yourself. After all, imagine doing lots of research into a new product and getting excited about it, only to have trouble in the set up or product maintenance. That’s where the Mac Enterprise Engineering team comes in. Consider them your insurance policy and your piece of mind. Only we don’t answer with a robo-call. Whether it’s assisting your engineer with a highly specialized question, getting your company software needs met, protecting your proprietary information on or off the cloud, or simply solving that complex issue that you can’t find an answer for online, consider MEE your launchpad to a productive, knowledgeable, and safe Mac experience.

The Mac Engineering team gathers around a conference table in front of a whiteboard, projector, and windows.
The MEE Team plans for 2023 at the 2022 Tamman retreat.

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