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Co-founder & Solutions Architect

Mike has been a business owner, software solutions provider, and IT consultant for the past 20 years. He supports the business and creative communities in Philadelphia by focusing on ease of use, robust solutions, and taking the worry out of software and technology. As a thought-leader in the area of web accessibility, Mike works tirelessly to create an equal experience on the web for all users. Over his career he has managed projects of all sizes, written custom software, implemented servers and desktop management solutions, and consulted with business owners and stakeholders on how to leverage technology to create business value.

Michael guides the organization as CEO. Utilizing a variety of Lean and Agile practices, he directs the team’s efforts in building the inclusive web for all.

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Tamman is built around the belief that access to information is a human right. We believe in blending inclusive design principles with your business strategies to empower accessibility champions, implement effective digital solutions, and create a lasting impact.

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