Explaining the Digital Accessibility Mindset with Art-Reach

Graphic promoting Tamman and Art Reach's webinar titled "Take on Digital Accessibility." It includes the Tamman logo and Art Reach logo. It depicts 3 of Tamman's leaders, Mike Mangos, Jeff Wiesner, and Marty Molloy.

The world’s dependence on technology grows every day. When it became industry knowledge that we needed to learn about mobile design, we developed a mobile design-first mindset. Over a decade later, and the wider technology industry has become aware of the need for digital accessibility in websites, documents, and more digital products. How do we build up and foster that digital accessibility-first mindset? What are the best ways to advocate and present materials to the public that comply with web accessibility guidelines and build inclusive audiences?

This session of Art-Reach’s Cafe Webinar series features Tamman’s President Marty Molloy, Senior Product Owner Jeff Wiesner, and previous CEO Michael Mangos showcasing how to make sense of digital accessibility while ensuring that you come away with some best practices for effective strategies for your organization.

Check out the video above to learn more.

Be sure to go through our partner Art-Reach’s website and source video.

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