Indy Hall Announcement – It’s Happening!!

Independence Hall at sunrise in Philadelphia

Originally connecting as workplace neighbors on North 3rd (N3rd) Street in Philadelphia, Indy Hall and Tamman found they had shared values as well as adjoining spaces. Over the years, Tamman followed Indy Hall’s lead on many things including a move around the corner into a building on Market Street. Mixing people and cultures, attending events, and even sharing cookies for almost a decade before the pandemic, we grew together. Tamman often engaged and hired members of the Indy Hall community, short-cutting the hiring process knowing that anyone who was a community member at IH, would fit in quite nicely at Tamman too. 

Maybe it’s our way to stay deeply connected because we’ve become physically separated from each other, or maybe it was just overdue, but Indy Hall and Tamman are finally coming together for something bigger, Un/Ravel.

The logo for the Un/Ravel event series which depicts a face drawn from string.
Un/Ravel – Stories that tie us together

Un/Ravel is a new event series designed to knit our community back together through short personal talks on themed topics at the nexus of accessibility, work, and community. Please join us for our first gathering to be held on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) on May 19, 2022. 

Indy Hall is a coworking community that was built around connections, relationships, and face-to-face encounters with people. In-person or online, Indy Hall has the resources and events to connect and support independent business owners. 

Tamman, Inc. is an information technology, software design, and development agency, specializing in digital accessibility. Dedicated to inclusivity in all its forms, Tamman invests in its people believing that well-supported people, support people well. 

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