Tamman at CSUN 2022: Retrospective Part One – What we were looking forward to!

A Tamman employee at the CSUN 2022 Conference

This year we were lucky enough to have a handful of Tamman employees attend the 37th Annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Before they left, we asked Mike Mangos, Marc Adler, and James Boatwright 3 questions:

  1. Why are you choosing to go to this conference?
  2. What are two things that you are specifically excited to check out when you’re there? (Sessions, speakers, tech, etc.)
  3. Is there anything that you hope to learn or engage with while there?  (Guesses are totally fine)

Here are their answers:

Mike Mangos

  1. I choose to go because there are so many assistive technologies that I’ve never had a chance to experience. And, I had such a great time at Access U a few years ago, but the vendor presence was paltry.
  2. Two things I’m specifically exited to check out are:
    • Credit Card assistive tech, like the design that Mastercard has released. I’m interested in other types of finance assistive tech that could intersect with Bank of America’s overall corporate accessibility mission.
    • Although the seminar sessions are going to be interesting, I’m eager to see what the vendor hall has to offer and to talk to some of the nation’s leading AT inventors and producers about what works for them, what is on their horizon, and how they see the burgeoning field of wearables as a solution (or a barrier) to general accessibility and public/private accommodation.
  3. I hope to learn about the landscape of digital accessibility beyond just how to deliver for our current clients. I’d like to also learn about trends or evolving conventions on how to accommodate competing cognitive barriers to digital access.

Marc Adler

  1. I have managed, tracked and supported the team through many accessibility challenges. Nearly the whole team has expertise or has been CPACC certified but I remain a little on the outside; not really knowing everything I need to know. This conference gives me the opportunity to begin to address that gap.
  2. Two Sessions that piqued my interest:
    • The Next Generation of Assistive Technology User Testing
    • The Ten Commandments of Accessibility
  3. I’d like to learn about how presenters are automating parts of the testing and remediation process that have previously been challenging for us.

James Boatwright

  1. I really enjoy the chance to learn more about a11y by hearing from people discuss their lived experiences.
  2. I’m excited to attend some of the courses related to use of AI in a11y and also some of the course related to social aspects of a11y and disability.
  3. Echoing the previous answer, I’m very interested in how AI and machine learning can be used in a11y.  There are many exciting aspects but also some serious potential pitfalls.

In our next article, we’ll feature some videos our team took at CSUN, and some of their thoughts throughout the conference!

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