Un/Ravel: Stories that tie us together – Event Recap

Logo for the Un/Ravel event series, a collaboration between Tamman Inc. and Indy Hall

On Thursday, May 19, 2022, Tamman and Indy Hall unveiled a new event collaboration called Un/Ravel: Stories that tie us together. Un/Ravel is designed to knit our community together through short personal talks on themed topics at the nexus of accessibility, work, and community. It was not an accident that this first gathering was held on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) either. 

The logo for the Un/Ravel event series which depicts a face drawn from string.
Un/Ravel – Stories that tie us together

Inclusion is a part of our everyday ethos at Tamman and GAAD is a day that reminds us all that digital accessibility is incomplete. There is work to do digitally for full inclusion, just as there is work to do in our physical world as well. Given that Un/Ravel is a series of personal and human-centered stories that ties all together – starting this event on a day that lifts up inclusion could not be more appropriate.

Un/Ravel prompted an open and honest dialogue through short talks as a way to better understand each other and the connectedness we all share despite unique lived experiences.

We asked each of the three speakers to share a story or experience that comes to mind around our theme, dignity.  Our speakers were: 

Shannon Devido, Freelance Writer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and Actress

Terrill Haigler, Chief Executive Officer at YaFavTrashman, LLC

Alexandra Hunt, Congressional Candidate for PA-03

…and we could not have asked for better people to lead us off. We chose a topic in dignity, and focused it around the dignity of work and dignity as a person living in this often undignified world. We selected speakers who we thought would be able to approach the topic from different perspectives based on their background, industry, and individual challenges. Each brought forth a distinct voice that led to robust conversations. 

When we first started talking about this event concept, we wanted an event that would focus on empathy. At the first iteration of Un/Ravel we found human connection through shared experiences but also through listening to and being open-minded as to how some human experiences differ from our own.  By taking some time to understand how our fellow humans experience life, our hope is that we can help create spaces in our professional and personal lives which are more equitable, accessible, and honest.

We encourage you to check out each of the above stories shared by our speakers and tweet at us @tammaninc to share your reflections and thoughts!

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