With new milestones, our commitments to the Tamman team remain top of mind

CEO Jeff Tamburino gives snacks to co-workers

By Jeff Tamburino

This month marks the end of my first year at the helm of Tamman. In late 2021, I took on additional day-to-day leadership responsibilities from my co-founder Michael Mangos – who remains a long-time friend and trusted consultant to me and for Tamman.

This past year has elevated pain points, and brought a lot of change and many unforeseen challenges. As Tamman’s captain, I’m so proud of how we’ve weathered rougher-than-expected seas while deepening and strengthening our team. We continue to provide genuine and stellar support to our people, partners, and clients.

My experiences in 2022 have led to my acceptance of some measure of uncertainty in many forms likely to continue in the year ahead. I also trust that the team we’ve built at Tamman is beyond capable of handling the challenges we’re sure to face. I know we will continue to react with thoughtfulness, intentionality, and shared decision-making.

A Golden Milestone

For the first time in our 16-year history, Tamman consists of over 50 people! Last year we doubled down on our commitment to remain fully remote. At the close of 2022, we have teammates in 10 states, from coast to coast.

For the first time since COVID, we hosted an in-person retreat in Philadelphia. Getting together helped us see each other eye-to-eye, shake hands or bump fists, and build trust with one another. All of which reinforced our core values and what Tamman stands for.

I’m so proud of the way we’ve grown, the amazing new talent we’ve brought in, and how intentional we’ve been in leveling up our team’s skills. We continue to make a huge impact for our clients.  We also live true to our new tagline “Well supported people, support people well.”

Team Empowerment

Another milestone includes the implementation of a distributed management model. We increased our commitment to professional development while increasing overall project team productivity. We have also seen marked increases in our ability to serve our clients.

Communication, continuity, and decentralization have been my personal missions. Centralized, top-down management allowed us to build a fantastic foundation, allowing us to add 18 team members in 2022 (while only losing 3). Still, this management approach contributed to some unnecessary limitations in our growth potential.

We have forged new communication pathways and provided genuine support to people inside and outside work. This has helped us build trust and get trust back.

We also asked the team to keep bringing us ideas, suggestions, and dreams – and they didn’t disappoint. Some of Tamman’s best new ideas and policies have come from the team. These include the Tamman Cares initiative, our continued commitment to building the accessible web, the promotion of several Team Leads, the expansion of the Mac Enterprise Engineering team, plus our new Health Reimbursement Account for mental health expenses, and much more. It is the people of Tamman that make Tamman better each and every day.

What 2023 Holds for the Tamman Team

I am so proud of the work we do for our clients and partners. More so, I am proud of who we are. We keep pushing design, development, and accessibility boundaries. And even when we fall short, we never stop trying to make access to information easier for all.

As a creative, technical, and accessibility services firm, Tamman strives to be a genuine, thoughtful, and non-traditional agency. We work on complex and unique digital projects. We have established a very stable variety of work that impacts millions upon millions of people around the country and the globe.

In the year ahead, we expect our team to continue to grow by double digits. And we wanted to invite you to consider what joining the Tamman team might look like for you. We are going to be seeking future talent in the positions of:

  • Digital Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Data & Visualization Specialists
  • Macintosh Engineers

Before you apply, know that we have high expectations for our team members. We can only build the best possible version of Tamman with talented people such as yourself. I’m a firm believer that Tamman shouldn’t hire brilliant people to then turn around and tell them exactly what to do or how to do it. We hire people to be smart, focused, creative, and act in the best interest of Tamman. Curious minds are always welcome!

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