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Kickstarting Digital Accessibility

Taking the first step on the digital accessibility journey for your employees or your customers can feel intimidating. This financial services client needed to establish workflows that were not disruptive as they built a culture of inclusivity. They took that first step and so can you. Tamman is here to help get things started.

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Kickstarting digital accessibility begins with understanding why building for all customers and employees is good business.

Tamman transformed an internal agency’s approach to accessibility through education, information, and ensuring sustainability. Our client asked us to begin with the remediation process, while also keeping an eye towards more sustainable workflow changes.

The Challenge

When professionals are used to working one way, Tamman was tasked with helping them achieve their goal of kickstarting digital accessibility within their existing workflow to ensure all new documents are accessible and remediate a mountain of existing documents now!

The Solution

Kickstarting Digital Accessibility

Our Approach

Assess / Remediate / Quality Assurance / Training & Learning / Documentation

  • Most organizations have a workflow that works for their existing needs. Tamman quickly assessed where the gaps were in current deliverables and workflows
  • Once identified, Tamman worked with our client partners to remediate existing documents testing out the most efficient ways to insert digital accessibility into the design process
  • To ensure accuracy and confidence, Tamman established new QA procedures with checklists and shared these across teams
  • As Remediation took hold, we tackled setting a “mindset” of designing with accessibility through awareness training, lunch and learns and informal guidance
  • Further engagement was introduced by creating communities of practice through Inclusive Design Workshops on actual WIP
  • Identify and deeply train small number of internal champions to become ambassadors for inclusive design thinking in each key area of the creative process
  • Create internal wiki to document best practices incrementally and provide a platform for new future associates to catch up

Our Process

The roadmap to bring inclusive design thinking to our clients and partners.

A chart indicating that with time and investment, the compliance or reactive efforts trend down dramatically as there is a slow and steady rise in the inclusive practice or proactive curve. The return on investment is maximized shortly after the proactive slope crossed downward trending reactive slope.
With an investment of time, organizations can move from reactive digital accessibility to proactive inclusive design practices.

With an investment of time, organizations can move from reactive to proactive practices.

Infographic depicting two slopes intersecting to show that as more time is invested in the reactive digital accessibility space, it decreases and a more proactive inclusive design approach grows.
The reactive or compliance focused approach to digital accessibility is on the left and curves down over time. The proactive inclusive design is on the right and curves up over time.

Compliance Practice

Inclusive Practice

Business Focus

  • Meet legal requirements
  • Leverage external support
  • Understand audience needs 
  • Make a public commitment
  • Enable in-house champions with external expert guidance
  • Maintain and expand on compliance
  • Influence partners and customers

Example Activities

  • Accessibility checklists
  • Audits & assessments
  • Testing & review scripts
  • Targeted remediation
  • Inclusive design systems (i.e. visuals, AT, language, etc.)
  • Standards-based development
  • Multi-point review and QA testing

The Result

Our efforts led to an agency that has all the internal tools and training to understand why digital accessibility must be built into every design as a starting point. The cadre of champions who deeply engaged and became masters of accessibility now have the infrastructure to continuously train others and newcomers. This transformed the agency from embedded reliance on Tamman to using us as external guides. Remediation is important, we were able to ensure that their projects are inclusively thought through and designed at the outset within the existing design workflow.

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