Empowering Champions

We help build your in-house digital accessibility expertise.

Making your commitment to ensuring digital accessibility feel less daunting.

Tamman believes digital accessibility makes your business better. What is necessary for some is beneficial for all. As a creative, technical, and accessibility services firm, we take a human-centered accessibility first approach when partnering with funded startups, businesses, nonprofits, and enterprise clients.

Why Digital Accessibility Matters…

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Drives Innovation

Accessibility in digital products often solves unanticipated problems. Innovations like the typewriter, telephone, text-to-speech, and voice controls were initially meant to include those with a disability. All have found a much broader application in the marketplace.

Minimizes Legal Risk

Many countries have laws requiring digital accessibility. Turns out, doing the right thing also diminishes your potential legal exposure.

Enhances Your Brand

Diversity and inclusion efforts are accelerated when users engage with a clear, well-integrated accessibility commitment.

Extends Market Reach

The global market of people with disabilities is over 1 billion people, with a spending power of more than $6 trillion. Plus, accessibility efforts often improve the online experience for all users.

Here to guide you along the way

At Tamman, we’re committed to working with you on complex and unique digital accessibility and technology projects that fit your budget.

Or give us a call at (215) 399-0356; we’d love to chat.

We’re passionate about building digital properties that are available to everyone. 

We know you have competing priorities and limited time! Tamman’s consultants work within or beside your team to integrate an ethos of accessibility and inclusive design throughout your organization. As your comprehensive digital accessibility partner, we help you shift mindsets and enhance skill sets by offering:


Training & Workshops

Build your in-house accessibility champions.

From executive briefs to individual coaching, we cover everything from the fundamentals to deep dives into tools. Share your priorities, and we’ll implement our curriculum or custom-create one for your team.


Common Sense QA

Optimize your digital documents and assets for your employees, partners, and customers.

Technology alone cannot guarantee compliance! Our human-centered process combines the best automated tools with manual testing procedures.


Team extension

Do you need in-house accessibility experts on your team?

We’ve found success with embedding full-time staff as an extension of your team. From designers to developers, and business analysts to QA specialists, we go beyond staff augmentation by understanding your needs to provide the cultural, systematic, and professional development support that fosters trust and retention!


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