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Technical Demonstration Builds Meaningful Awareness

You can’t know what you don’t know. Accessibility takes center stage with a carefully crafted accessibility demonstration. Tamman’s Technical Demonstration increases awareness and creates organizational buy-in for all who participate. With carefully crafted personas specific to your needs, accessibility takes center stage and shows how critical it is for a business to achieve their goals.

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Tamman transformed an internal agency’s approach to accessibility through education, information, and ensuring

Do you know what it’s like for people with disabilities to apply for a job? We teamed up with the Diversity and Inclusion team at a housing company to better understand why candidates with disabilities weren’t applying to open positions.

Our client had a very robust design, and a well-thought out information architecture of their website, but had not tested the experience with disabled users. Our team wrote personas, tested, and analyzed a candidate’s experience from the job application through the interview process. We spent time finding the thematic accessibility blockers then demonstrated the user experience on a live call.

The Challenge

Within a highly technical and experienced team of designers, developers and technologists, Tamman’s technical demonstration was tasked with building awareness around the unintentional barriers to disabled job seekers. In addition, we were asked by the DE&I Direction to help build exposure and buy-in with the company’s leadership and across departments regardless of technical background.

A screenshot from the live presentation showing the presenter in the upper right hand corner and a real time look at the heading used on the client's website.
Image from live presentation video with Mike Mangos as presenter

The Solution

Personas / Demonstrate barriers / Cross-Departmental / Embed Tamman Team / Live

  • Create multiple personas that represent people with different disabilities. These personas represented a cross-section of the talent the client was looking to hire
  • Assess the job application process thorough the lens of the personas
  • Demonstrate the barriers on a live call to stakeholders so that we could answer questions, increase or decrease technical language based on the audience
  • Work across engineering, website, and diversity and inclusion teams to educate about web accessibility
  • Embed our technical team with the engineering teams to ensure all issues are resolved
A screenshot of a slide showing the presenter in the upper right hand corner of the screen and the persona #2 being described.
Persona slide from live presentation with presenter in the upper right corner

The Result

Many eyes were opened during the demonstration. Once finished, we started working across several areas of the client’s teams to educate and embed accessibility solutions in their future iterations of their brand and product. Some of these on-going solutions-focused teams worked in technical spaces and some were in the physical realm through our partnership, the Sierra-Tamman 360° Collaborative.

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