Case Study

The complicated made understandable and accessible

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Tamman built a  visually-appealing, fun-to-use, interactive site that introduces some basic concepts of investing that is clear, understandable and accessible.

Do you have a complicated visual idea for a site? Tamman wants your brand to have it all. It’s more important than ever to have sites that are interactive and engaging without exclusion. Our client needed to make the complicated engaging and interactive. We ensured accessibility, analytics and metrics were embedded too.

The Challenge

Our client handed us a complex and frankly speaking, intimidating set of complex financial informational pieces. Tamman needed to create a webpage that maintained the critical information, conveyed the legal, compliance, and risk factors, all while making it light-hearted, fun, and easy to navigate.

The Solution

  1. Working closely with the client’s design team to leverage our existing Design System Template components to increase efficiency and improve time-to-market
  2. We started with a mobile first design and built out the website from there – ensuring accessibility and thoughtful UI every step of the way
  3. In the process, we extended the existing  Design System with new atomic components for this property as needed to leverage benefits for future iterations
  4. We also conducted \exhaustive exploration and validation of accessible implementations to ensure compliance across assistive devices, browsers and platforms

The Result

  1. The site turned out to be a rich, feature-filled experience that adds value to the customer relationship
  2. It is an effective and meaningful sales tool for financial advisors during their customer meetings and as a follow-up
  3. We built in granular metrics and analytics reports to measure effectiveness and engagement throughout the entire site to help guide future iterations

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The Sierra-Tamman 360° Collaborative Accelerates Necessary Change

Embracing inclusion is liberating. Inclusive practices proactively accommodate physical and informational tools and resources that are required for some but benefit all. The Sierra/Tamman 360-Degrees of Inclusion is here to help with your company’s employment and digital information goals. It just makes sense to do the right thing.

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